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Discovery Call

In a complimentary phone call, we'll discuss your problem in depth, and answer any and all questions you have about our practice. This session serves to see if we are a good fit for each other - not to fix your problem. This call takes less than a half hour.

We only offer to work with people we can help. If we think we can help you - we'll get you scheduled with our Doctor of Physical Therapy for your initial session with us. If not, we'll send you to someone who we think can.

Physical Therapy Services:

Evaluation or Treatment Session

Come in for your 60-minute session with your Doctor of Physical Therapy. Starting at your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will perform an in depth movement analysis, perform a strength assessment, mobility tests, and review how YOUR system works together to move. We'll use this information to identify movement impairments, weaknesses, or general areas that need to be worked on.

If you've got an injury, we'll dig into the root cause of the problem and come up with a plan to resolve it.

In this same session, you'll get started on the treatment plan.

As medically indicated, we'll perform any of the following activities during your session: soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, dry needling, negative pressure myofascial release (cupping), stretching; neuromuscular re-education and corrective movements; strengthening or mobility exercises.

Our focus isn't just on what we do to solve your problem. Our focus is on building the bridge between where you are now, and where you want to be. 

We offer services in two areas -

1. Orthopedics

2. Pelvic Floor (Women's Health)

If your problems overlap between these two fields, our staff will get you situated with the appropriate appointment type!


Recovery Sessions

Come in for your 30-minute session with your physical therapist. Whether you need some soft tissue work and joint mobilizations, or you want to work on your technique with a specific lift - we will accommodate you!

Dry Needling:

Review of systems and health screen required first as a dry needling evaluation (we have to make sure this intervention is appropriate for you!), we'll jump right in to addressing your soft tissue impairments that may be limiting motion or recovery.

Dry needling is a great tool based on 2 premises: 1) it helps to mechanically break up trigger points that have formed in your body. By releasing these, helps to improve motion and comfort in the area so you can perform better. 2) it optimizes blood flow to the area to promote your body's own ability to heal. In places that lack appropriate blood flow (tight muscles) this is a great option.

Note: This is a standalone dry needling session. This is not a physical therapy session intended to address your movement dysfunction or ongoing pain. 

Strength & Performance Sessions

Optimize your performance with a 60 minute strength and performance session. Here, we focus on components of your craft that could benefit from improvement. This first session is an initial consultation - we'll start with a movement analysis and strength assessment. We identify areas of functional weakness and develop a plan to bulletproof your performance. From there, we develop a program for you - tailored to YOUR needs. Monthly programming available.


Strength & Performance: Monthly Programming

Optimize your performance our monthly custom programming. After your strength and performance assessment, we build a monthly program for you based on your needs and goals. Here, we focus on components of your craft that need improvement. 

*Requires initial Strength & Performance Session for evaluation and movement assessment.

Forged Membership Option

For individuals who have completed a plan of care (physical therapy or strength & performance), we offer this continuity program. At a discounted per-session rate, you'll receive 1 monthly 60 minute visit with your Doctor of Physical Therapy for tune-ups, functional strength and conditioning, and to make sure your engine is running smoothly. We'll continue to Move the Needle forward, one session at a time.

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