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What does a Forged PT and Performance session look like?

I get this question a lot, as many people are curious as to what makes my practice unique. It starts with this: all physical therapy and performance sessions are one-on-one, for 60 minutes.

If it's your first time coming in, we're going to do an in depth assessment which starts with functional movement analysis. I'll watch you walk, squat, run, pick things up, cycle a barbell, move weight - whatever your daily activities are.

From there, we break down how strong your body is with Manual Muscle Testing. This gives me an idea of how well your muscles work together against resistance, and reveals compensations for weak muscles.

Joint mobility for each involved area is next, as we look at your specific joint of interest, as well as some of the surrounding structures. Once we assess exactly what's going on, we actually get started on treatment in the same day.

Usually, as pain is normally a factor on the first visit, I implement manual therapy, soft tissue work, dry needling, or cupping to begin addressing the pain you're experiencing. We'll continue on in the session with movement based exercises - whether focused on strength, mobility, or corrective movement, you'll learn 1-2 things you can start implementing at home same-day.

We'll end the visit with a summary of the factors contributing to your current issue, and make a game plan specific to YOU and your goals.

The next time you come in, we'll do a mini screen to see changes from the last session, and jump into addressing the rest of the contributing issues we found on day 1.

You'll have a custom home exercise program, and access to videos on your portal. Let's get you back in the game.

More questions? Call 210-201-3209 or schedule your discovery call at

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