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Hip Flexors Tight? Here's The Domino Effect...

We see 'tight hips' or 'short hip flexors' on a regular basis in the clinical setting.


People sit. Whether in the car commuting, sitting in an office chair at work, or relaxing on the couch at home. And in moderation - it isn't bad. We just have to know how to combat the effects of prolonged sitting on the body.

Performing regular hip flexor stretches, and other stretches to open up the muscles attaching to the pelvis, will establish and maintain relatively normal muscle lengths.

But what happens if we don't take the time to take care of our bodies?

Prolonged sitting can cause short hip flexors, yes. Shortened hip flexors actually pull the front of the pelvis forward, which in turn slightly arches the lower back during your 'resting' position.

When the back becomes arched, the paraspinals (the muscles on either side of your vertebral column or spine) are primed to 'turn on' or continuously fire. So many people end up with spasms of the lower back, focal back pain, or other back issues down the road.

Stay tuned for other effects of prolonged sitting!

Yours in Health,

Doc Caitlin, PT

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