Pelvic Floor
Physical Therapy

We Are Coming Soon

Forged PT and Performance is proud to announce that we are rolling out a new Women's Health service line. This service is aimed at helping improve quality of life for women who: are pregnant or post-partum, have dealt with symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, have chronic back or hip pain, or want to assess and improve their sexual health.

Some common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction include:

Pelvic pain
         Do you have pain with intercourse or insertion of feminine products?
         Pain with sitting?
         Pain with orgasm?
Urinary incontinence
         Do you leak when you run/jump/squat?
         Once you get the urge to go, do you have to go right now?
Fecal incontinence

         Do you experience loss of stool or gas?
Chronic hip or low back pain that won't go away with any other treatment?
And so much more.

Men's pelvic floor services coming soon!

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